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Science Tuition in Tampines

Best Science Tuition in Tampines

Are you facing troubles with science? Have you wished for this subject to be easier?

Do you want an A1 or an A* for science? The solution is simple. You have to study smart, learn the techniques and practice the “right” questions in order to secure you distinction. Be it chemistry or biology or physics, there are proven methods to improve your grades. The methods are no secret.

Our science tuition in tampines caters to primary and lower secondary students, in addition, we provide chemistry, biology and physics tuition for upper secondary and JC students. We are here to help you figure out the “right” techniques and aid you along the path of an A grader. You will master formulas in chemistry, definitions in Biology and Concepts in Physics way before your peers, combined with adequate practice, all your troubles with science will be gone.


Best Science tuition in Tampines
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Comprehensive, effective lessons
Systematic learning and constant progress
Build a strong foundation & clear understanding of science
Understand Science through mindmapsvisualization.
Study notes, summaries, past year papers provided

At Gen-Y tuition centre, we adopt a step-by-step approach in helping our students achieve high grades in exams. First, we focus on helping our students understand the scientific concepts and familiarising them with typical exam questions since science is a subject which focuses more on thinking skills than on actual content. We do not encourage our students to memorise concepts, but rather focus on understanding the meaning behind them as we belief that memorising is not a good strategy in the long run.

Then, our Science tutors at Gen-Y would create awareness in the students through various techniques of applying KEYWORDS in the answering process skills and structured questions. Usage and importance of KEYWORDS in our Science tuition in tampines will be emphasised reapetedly in our science lessons as examiners allocate marks based on keywords in the student’s answer.

Lastly, study notes, summaries, and past year papers will be provided in our Science tuition lessons. Ample practice would give our students an edge over their peers during exams as they become more familiar with exam requirements & answering techniques.

Primary School Science Tuition In Tampines

Many primary school children were probably excited when they were first introduced to science in primary 3, it was during then that many young kids aspire to be scientists when they grow up. Science is a vital subject for the mental development of the child, it is a subject that requires analytical, inferential and a little bit of imaginative skills which is what sets it apart from english, maths and mother tongue.

An interest in science at such an early stage is beneficial but insufficient for excellence in this subject, understanding is key to doing well in Science. In addition, answering skills is also vital for scoring an A. Despite its difficulty, the benefits of studying science is noteworthy, some of the soft skills that science equips students are:

  • Observingscience tuition in tampines
  • Comparing
  • Classifying
  • Communicating
  • Inferring
  • Predicting
  • Analysing

Processes students go through:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Decision-making
  • Investigation
  • Generating possibilities
  • Evaluating
  • Formulating hypothesis

primary school science tuition in tampinesAt Gen-Y tuition centre in tampines we believe that apart from skills and knowledge, an interest in science is also very important, especially for primary school kids who are new to this subject, a positive attitude and acceptance of science will be very beneficial in the long run, where tougher concepts are introduced. As a result, our passionate science tutors strive to nurture the interest in our students true scientific experiments and interesting science principles. We observe that students become much more attentive in lessons after they have seen scientific principles and theories in action.

Although our lessons are interesting that doesn’t mean that it isn’t focused. Our science tuition in tampines prioritise on finishing the syllabus before the school to allow ample time for revision.

Top Primary School and Lower Sec Science Tutor in Tampines

Mr Brandon Chew has been in in the tutoring sector for more than 8 years. During the period, he gained a large amount of knowledge  and experience about teaching and tutoring students. As a Educationist, it is his goal to see that all students benefit from his lessons and develop a passion for science. Mr Chew achieved his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at NUS.

“Teaching is rewarding and fun because I get to share my passion for science with my students”

“Before I join Gen-Y Tuition centre, I was always scoring ‘B’ for both Science and English. After being taught by Mr chew for more than a year, I have become more confident in my work.  Mr Chew’s teaching style is different from other tutors.  He is strict when marking my assignments but friendly when teaching me new concepts. I scored A  for Science for my PSLE!” — Linda Lim (P6 student from Ngee Ann Pri)

Lower Secondary(Sec 1 & 2) Science Tuition In Tampines

The lower secondary science in most secondary schools is similar to primary school, where the subject is treated as 1 instead of being separated into biology, chemistry and science. In some secondary schools, the subject “Science” is replaced with Biology, chemistry and physics.

Despite the 2 different approach, the content taught in lower secondary schools is considerably harder than in primary schools. Many students in our tuition centre who has scored A in primary school science found themselves stuggling with a B when they enter into secondary 1.

As a result, it is necessary for students to put in more effort and seek additional help in order to retain their A grade. Our Secondary 1 & 2 science tuition programme in Tampines has been modified and updated to keep ahead of the new syllabus and requirements set by MOE.

In addition, our lower secondary science tutors will also give the students additional practice and more stimulating questions to push their limits and force them to impove.

Sec 3 & Sec 4 Biology Tuition in Tampines (GCE O Levels)

Ask any secondary 3 or 4 student which subject they feel is the most content-heavy out of all their subjects and their answer will most probably be “biology”. Biology is a heavy subject, which is why not many students in Singapore take it. In better secondary schools, only half the cohort have the chance to take biology and many of the have 8/9 subjects for their O levels. Nevertheless, those who do well in Biology do very well, that’s because there are tips and tricks for the subject despite being content-saturated.

Because of the large amount of content to understand and memorise, our Biology tuition teachers would recommend our students to use a concept  map or mind map to aid in visualising and memorising. We provide free mindmaps to our students for content heavy subjects such as Biology as we believe it would increase their study efficiency.

We also believe in constant practice as it would help students learn the proper answering techniques and which important keywords that they must include in their answers. Hence, free past year exam papers from top schools will be given to students regularly to reinforce their learning.

All Topics in 2013 GCE O Level Syllabus for Biology
  • Cell Structure & Organisation
  • Movement of Substances
  • Biological Molecules
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Transport in Flowering Plants
  • Transport in Humans
  • Respiration
  • Excretion
  • Homeostasis
  • Co-ordination and response
  • Reproduction
  • Cell Division
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Inheritance
  • Organisms and their Environment


Top O Level Biology Tuition Teacher in Tampines

Raymond Kwang believes strongly that every student can be led to achieve his or her potential, especially in Biology, the method of learning and understanding is far more important than memorising the content of the syllabus.

Mr Kwang graduated with a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education in 1997. During his teaching career, he has attended teaching and tutoring courses to upgrade herself. He joined Gen-Y Tuition in 2007. With the gift of teaching and years of experience, Mr Kwang has an impressive record of students scoring distinction in Biology in both sec 3 and sec 4. He has earned our tuition centre in tampines several recommendations due to his effective teaching.

“Before joining Gen-Y Tuition in Sec 3, I failed my Bio which resulted in my hatred towards it.  However, my experience at Gen-Y transformed my attitude towards the subject. I am even considering becoming a researcher. Mr Kwang is a great teacher as he listens to student’s feedback and make changes to  help students in their learning. I appreciate his efforts.” — Brendan Seah(Sec 3, East Spring Sec)

Sec 3 & Sec 4 O Level Chemistry Tuition in Tampines

Chemistry is a subject that can be confusing, heavy, fun and simple all at the same time. Students may find the experimental techniques fun but the memorisation of chemical equations a burden, they may feel that studying about the elements is easy but deriving chemical formulas to be confusing. Chemistry is a subject that is often underestimated for the O levels. According to statistics from past years, chemistry has the lowest distinction rate out of the 3 sciences. Nevertheless, it is an extremely important subject for students who aspire to become doctors or researchers.

There are however similarities between chemistry and the rest of the sciences. Firstly, understanding is still more important than memorising in chemistry although the emphasise on memorising is slightly higher in chem than in Bio and Physics, Understanding the concepts behind chemical equations should come before trying to memorise it. Secondly, the use of keywords in answering questions as important in chemistry as it is in Biology and physics because the answers are more or less similar, they test more on your memory rather than intellect. Lastly, consistent practice is key to success to any science, same goes for Chemistry. The top scorers are those who are the most familiar with the past year exam questions.
At Gen-Y tuition centre, our chemistry tuition adopts a systematic approach to effectively explain Chemistry questions and problems. There will be frequest class quizes to help students refresh their memory on previous topics. Our science tuition teachers find that this is particularly effective at reducing last-minute revision times and significantly improving grades. The most common mistake chemistry students make is attempting to memorise all the definitions and formulas on the day before exam, this is simply not possible.

Concise and comprehensive chemistry notes will also be given at our chemistry tuition at tampines to help students master and remember the different concepts. For the weaker chemistry students, our chemistry tutors is willing to provide step by step guidance and crystal clear explanations to clear their doubts and misconceptions. Lastly, past year chemistry exam papers will also be given to our students who require additional practice. they can either practice the papers and mark them on their own or request their tutors to go through the paper with them.

Top Chemistry Tuition Teacher in Tampines

Mr Sim is an experienced Secondary 3 & 4 Chemistry tutor at Gen-Y tuition centre, he has a master degree in chemistry from NUS. With over 6 years of teaching experience, Mr Sim has been very successful in transforming the chemistry results of his students. 80% of his students are high A scorers, his goal is 100% distinction in all his chemistry classes. His secret to helping his students score A in chemistry is through 3 simple steps: understand, memorise & practice. He enjoys using creative & innovative methods to inspire his students to become interested in Chemistry.

“I joined the chemistry tuition at Gen-Y Tuition centre when I was in Secondary 3. My results improved from just average to high distinction within 8 months under Mr Sim. He is very humorous and I enjoyed his lessons. I am definitely continuing my tuition at Gen-Y tuition for my JC chemistry” — Lee ZhiKin (Sec 4, Ngee Ann Sec)

Sec 3 & 4 Physics Tuition in Tampines for O Levels

Physics is commonly known to be a very tough subject among Singaporean students, most students who are weak in physics have many misconceptions about the subject which causes them to lose a lot of marks during exam. To be able to score very well in physics, students have to be adept at both theory and calculations, which means they have to spend a fair amount of time understanding & practicing. In physics, undertanding the concepts is the hardest part. Many difficult concepts in Kinematics and Dynamics such as acceleration and balancing of forces may cause plenty of confusion among students. Students should expect to encounter trick questions that will wreck their brains during exams.

As a result, many secondary schools in singapore prepare their students for the O levels by giving them extra hard questions for their homework and during common tests, sometimes, even JC questions are used, this is to constantly challenge the students understanding of physics formulas and theories. Despite the O levels being substantially easier than the preliminary exams for physics in most schools, a flimsy grasp of the concepts or a weak foundation will definitey land you with a B or C.

At our physics tuition at Gen-Y, our focus is to build a strong understanding of physics through challenging our students with mentally stimulating questions to practice. We believe that once a strong understanding is achieved, the minute variations in the questions will not be a difficulty for our students. In addition, our physics tutors strive to provide crystal clear explanations and examples to help our students understand the concepts and provide answers for them to clear their doubts and misconceptions.
physics tuition in tampines

Top Physics Tuition Teacher in Tampines

Ms Yeo graduated from NIE in 1999 and went on to teach lower secondary science in a govenment school for 5 years, after that she was promoted to Head of Department for physics and went on to teach physics to secondary 3 and 4 students. She retired from her teaching carrer in 2010 and went on to become a full-time tuition teacher. She joined Gen-Y tuition centre in tampines in 2011 and has helped in both teaching and managing the tuition centre.

Her experience in teaching taught her that students often have many miconceptions about the subject beacause of their weak foundation, she found that many students are not even clear about the basics hence her goal is to help her students build confidence in physics through a solid foundation. Her teaching skills has been acknowledged by both parents and students at Gen-Y.

“I begin to have a much clearer understanding of physics after being taught by Ms Yeo at the start of sec 4, I realised that I couldn’t do a lot of physics questions so I decided to seek help, thanks to Gen-Y tuition, my confidence in physics has improved tremendously, I’m confident of getting an A for my O levels in a few months time” — Janette Lee (Sec 4, Tampines Sec)

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