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Review of Tuition in Tampines

Reviews for Gen-Y tuition Center, The Best Tuition in Tampines

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Review 1

Reviewed by Vincent  May 10, 2013

Great Improvement for both underachievers and high achievers


I Am A: Existing Student
Course Attended: Sec 2 Math Tuition Class
Duration with the tuition centre: 2 years
I Spent (Monthly): $200 – $499

What I like:
The lessons are well conducted and closely aligned to MOE syllabus. The teaching materials are sufficient for me to score well in my exams. I am scoring both A1 s in my E math and Add Math. I joined the centre since the start of Sec 1. I only scored a barely pass in my Math when I first joined the centre. I am now one of the top scorers in my class for Math.

My tutor collects material fee every lesson for the materials printed from the students who do not deposit any amount with him. By right every student is supposed to deposit a certain amount of money with the tutor, but some students did not do so. That’s why the tutor has to collect the money from them every single lesson. (Some students don’t like to follow instructions) like the one who sent in the review previously. I am in the same tuition class as him. I knew that he did not pass his tests at all before he joined the centre (overheard the conversations between his mum and the tutor). He scored A2 for his past few tests after he joined the centre. He should be satisfied with this kind of result. He is a kind of irritating to the class as he is always late for his lessons(rushing in in the middle of the lessons), that’s why he felt that he was only copying model answers. The tutor has to explain to him all over again for the lessons that he missed. He is wasting the tutors and our time for doing that. I heard that he wanted to quit without giving one month’s notice to the Centre, that’s why the Principal gave him that kind of remark. The Principal is very strict with the rules and regulations for the Centre. How can the teacher follow every school’s syllabus to cater for everyone ? The students in my tuition class scored very well for their Math (The teacher constantly monitored our results).

What I didn’t like: The lessons are a bit short and the timings can be more flexible
Review 2

Reviewed by Christopher  May 4, 2013

Professional tuition by experienced teachers


I Am A: Parent of P5 student
Course Attended: P5 English Tuition Class
Duration with the tuition centre: 3 years
I Spent (Monthly): $120

What I like:
The english tuition teacher(mdm Chang) at Gen-Y is very friendly and nice to her students, she was an ex-MOE teacher so i do not doubt her qualifications. I like her work attitue, she is always very punctual and comes for tuition at tampines on time even though she lives in Bedok. From time to time, she would also talk to me about the progress of my son before/after lessons which means she sometimes have to leave the centre later.

Thw reason for continuing english tuition at Gen-Y is because this is by far the best english tuition in tampines, my son has been to many tuition centres in tampines since P1 but there has been no improvement in his results, until we decided to join Gen-Y tuition centre. His results improved tremendously within 1 term and was able to go from C6 to a B4. Currently, he is working towards his A1 and i believe that he will get his A1 with the help of mdm Chang

What I didn’t like: The location of the tuition centre is abit far from my house, that’s all, nothing much to complain about
Review 3

Reviewed by Lisa  January 2, 2013

Tremendous improvement in result, effective lessons!


I Am A: Existing Student
Course Attended: Sec 4 Chemisty Tuition in Tampines
Duration with the tuition centre: 1 years
I Spent (Monthly): $150-$170

What I like:
I was very weak at chemistry when I first join. I scored a consistent F for chem in my common tests and end-of-year exams in school. Firstly, i come from a neighbouhood school with teachers who don’t put in much effort into helping us do well. Secondly, my fundamentals in chemistry is weak due to lack of hard work on my part during lower sec. As a result, i couldn’t understand what was going on in class and had a hard time catching up with my peers. As time went by, i realised if i don’t take action, my grades would stay the same. I asked my friends for recommendation of a good chemistry tuition in tampines as i stay near tampines. They recommended Gen-Y tuition center to me and i glad i joined the center before my O levels

Due to the constant drilling and patience from my tuition teacher at Gen-Y, i scored an A2 for chem for my O levels. Im grateful for the time and effort Mr Phua puts in to give me homework and mark my homework. I was never afraid of asking questions anymore as the environment at Gen-Y was very conducive for learning. Even though i ask very basic questions during my chem tuition classes, Mr Phua always answers my questions and clears my misconception.

In addition to the improved grades, i realised i’ve gained confidence after the 1 year tuition lessons at Gen-Y. I am now a better and more confident learner than I was 1 year ago. I am glad that i made the choice to join Gen-Y tuition and last but not least, thank you Mr Phua!

What I didn’t like: Sometimes, the teacher gives too much homework