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Best Maths Tuition in Tampines

Best Mathematics Tuition in Tampines

Are you or your child facing problems with mathematics?  Are you troubled by the poor results in Maths? The problem faced by many students when it comes to doing well in maths exams is that they lack consistent practice and they do not know the shortcuts. In addition, their maths teacher  or tuition teaching might not be teaching them in a flexible and effective ways for them to solve different types of problems.

You can end all your fear and worries now because our maths tutors in tampines will show you the tips and shortcuts to getting the right answer.

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” — Albert Einstein 


Best Maths tuition in Tampines
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Passionate teachers and effective lessons
Ample Practice on Past-year papers
Learn Shortcuts to answer questions
Learn how to apply formulas
Improve Mathematics Results Tremendously

Primary School & Lower Sec Maths Tuition in Tampines

Strategies + Short Cuts + Model Drawing Techniques + Heuristic methods in problem-solving + Contextual Clues

Being good at maths requires a student to put in consistent effort and have a strong fundamentals. It is critical to build a solid foundation in maths when the student is still in primary school as it will facilitate his/her understanding of more complicated formulas and problems in the future. There a many types of mathematics problems and various methods of solving the questions. Having a good maths tuition will accelerate the learning process and enable the student to build a strong foundation in the basics of mathematics.

Maths can be a daunting subject to master. It is a progressive subject, once a child falls behind & struggles to understand certain Math topics, this leads to difficulties in learning more advanced Math. On the contrary, a student with a strong foundation in mathematics from the begining will develop strong problem-solving skills and will be able to think logically and quickly. If you have been neglecting your fundamentals for mathematics, it is never too late to seek for additional help. At Gen-Y tuition in Tampines, we provide maths tuition for primary school & lower secondary school students to build up their fundamentals and equip them with the skills and knowledge to excel in maths.

Top Primary School & Lower Sec Math Tutor

Mr Kenny Tan had been a full-time tutor since 2000 and started teaching primary school and lower secondary mathematics at Gen-Y since 2006. He has since taught over 400-450 students and producing many distinctions. After completing his Bachelor and Honours programme in Economics and Statistics, he graduated with the Master of Social Science (Economics) degree from the National University of Singapore in 1991. He went on to work as an MOE teacher for 4 years before leaving his job.

Mr Tan is well-known for his flexibility and creativity at solving math problems and he always encourages his students to look at the problem from different angles in order to find the fastest method to find the solution.

“I benefited greatly from Mr Tan’s A maths lessons, his patience & effective teaching helped me to improve my A math results tremendously. Mr Tan taught me how various methods such as the trial & error and model method can be used extensively to solve different types of questions. During my exam period, he will try his best to give me extra lessons to help me clear my doubts”  —  Andy Low, Sec 1, Ngee Ann Secondary School

A. Maths Tuition in Tampines

At upper secondary (sec 3/4) students will be given the opportunity to take Additional Mathematics as a subject to study and take for their O levels. Generally, A maths is considered to be the tougher subject compared to E maths and POA because of the number of topics and the difficulty of the topics. A maths for O levels involves the use of many formulas and concepts which the student must be very familiar with. Even though A math is a tough subject, anyone can score well in it if they practice a variety of questions and be very careful during the exams.

In order to help our students to master A. maths in a short time, our tuition teachers at Gen-Y has a tight schedule and an intensive week-by-week plan to allocate the right amount of time to different topics in the syllabus. As different topics have different levels of difficulty, our teachers will allocate more time on the more challenging topics and focus on the “killer” questions that often cause students to lose marks in exams.

In addition, our a math tutors in tampines will strive to cover the syllabus at least 2 months before the preliminary exams so that students will have ample time to clear their doubts and practice on past-year exam papers. You can find the syllabus for O levels A maths here.

Top A Maths Tutor in Tampines

Mrs Quah Swee Leng is a young passionate A maths tutor since 2007. She graduated in 2005 from NUS with a Masters degree holder in Applied Mathematics. She is very adept at the A math topics in the current syllabus as her love for mathematics begin since she was in secondary school

Mrs Quah has received numerous compliments from parents and students regarding her excellent work teaching and patience towards her students. Her lessons are very focused and well planned, every minute is well used in order to maximise the efficiency of her lessons. Her source of motivation is her student’s results.

“There is no doubt that I have benefited greatly from Mrs Quah’s lessons. Even though her lessons are tight nad focused, they are never boring, in fact, I became more interested in Additional Mathematics ever since I joined her tuition in Tampines. Whenever I request for additional help, she never hesitates to stay back and spend more time with me. With her effective lessons, my grades jumped from C6 to A2 in less than a year!”  —  Lee Kim Mun, Sec 3, East Spring Secondary School 

E. Maths Tuition in Tampines

Although many students claim E maths to be very easy, they fail to score a distinction for this subject. The reason is because of the bell-curve. E maths is a test of your meticulousness and precision rather than a test on your intelligence. There are many topics in E maths but some topics are clearly more challenging and more likely to be tested.

There may be an overlap in some of the topics in E maths and A maths so students who take A math have a slight advantage. Elementary math tuition teaches you fundamentals of mathematics. When you perform brillantly in elementary math, handling Additional math will be a walk in the park. Hence our tutors at Gen-Y focuses on practice and more practice as many students lose theor A1s due to a few careless mistakes. The likelihood of scoring full marks in E maths in very high as compared to other subjects, thus we always encourage our students to aim for perfection.

Top E Maths Tutor in Tampines

e maths tuition in tampinesMr Damien Lam  has been teaching E maths tuition for secondary school students since 1999. His graduated in 1995 and started tutoring as part-time job, since then, he has fallen in love with his occupation as a tuition teacher. His experience in teaching students has helped him to identify the weak areas of his new students and the correct method to coach them.

He claims to be strict at times but he justifies it with the concern of students committing similar mistakes over and over. He is very particular about the precision and accuracy of the answers of his students and has low tolerance when it comes to careless mistakes. He always encourages his students to aim for full marks and check their work very carefully, especially during exams.

“Mr lam can be very strict sometimes but he is very dedicated and truly cares about his student’s results. I have learnt to be more careful with my work under his guidance. My E maths results improved from B3 to A1 and I feel more prepared for O levels!”  — Nicholas Goh, Sec 4, Damai Secondary School 

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