No. 1 Tuition Centre in Tampines, Singapore
Branch 1: 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067
Branch 2: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07
Branch 3: 684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979
Tel: 62354886 / 67869818 / 98008926

Looking for Tuition Partners / Tuition Teachers

For students/parents looking for effective tuition lessons, find out subjects available here

We need tuition teachers for all Levels

We are a MOE-registered tuition centre located in Tampines st 21 blk 201b. Currently, we are looking for experienced and committed tuition teachers for any of the following subjects:

  • P1 – P6 English/Maths/Science
  • Sec 1, Sec 2 English/Maths/Science
  • Sec 3, Sec 4 English/A Maths/E Maths/Biology/Chem/Physics
  • JC 1 & JC 2 GP/Maths/Econs
  • Tuition lessons will be conducted at our tuition centre (201b tampines st 21)


  • Graduates who can commit at least 2hrs every week
  • Part-time / full-time tutors / Ex-MOE teachers / MOE teachers
  • Undergraduates with at least 1 year experience in teaching

Types of Partnership

1. Percentage of Total fees

Many of our tuition teachers at our tuition centre is paid a percentage of the total fees from the students, which means that their pay increases with more students in our classes.

The percentage which the total fees are split range from 40% to 60% which means that the tutor gets (40% to 60%) of the total fees received from the class (40% – 60% X no. of students X amount paid by each student for the month). The actual percentage depends on the qualification of the tutor and the subject he/she teaches.

E.g. For a tutor who teaches p6 maths to a class of 5 students who pays a total of $160 for 4 lessons (2hr/lesson) in 1 month and is partnering with us for 50% of the fees, he receives $400/month (50% X 5 X $160)

The percentage which the tutor is paid will not change with an increase/decrease in the number of students. A contract can be drafted if necessary.

Note: Many of our classes have just started. Our classes start with a minimum of 1 student and the maximum we allow is 12 students. We have students signing up for tuition classes every week, a few of our tuition classes have 5 – 6 students. To find out the percentage, refer to contact details below

2. Fixed amount per hour

Similar to many tuition agencies, you can opt to get paid a fixed amount per hour. Our tuition rates are similar to market prices so tutors who opt for this method can expect to get $20-$35/hr. The tuition rate varies based on the level, subject and the tutors qualification. To find out Tuition rates refer to contact details below.

Note: The tuition rate does not change with any change in the number of students in the class.

Additional Commission

Regardless of which type of partnership you prefer, $50 will be paid for any student referred to our tuition centre for any subject (does not need to be taught by you). Note: the student must confirm his/her interest in joining us for at least 1 month.

Which type of partnership to choose

Our tuition centre receives 5 – 10 new students signing up every week. If you’re confident in your teaching skills and able to get students who come for trial lessons to join our tuition centre, we recommend the first type of partnership since the payout increases with more students. However, some of our classes currently have 1-2 students so the amount may be lower initially compared to fixed hourly payment. Regardless of which type of partnership you prefer, we look forward to working with you! You can contact us to find out more.

Interested? Contact us now

If you can speak chinese, call 98008926 (mdm zhu)
If not you can sms: 81136169 OR Email: We will get back to you asap.
Location: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067

Let us know the following information when you contact us:

1. What is your name & qualification (experience in teaching etc.)
2. What level and subjects can you teach
3. What type of partnership you prefer (percentage payment/fixed hourly rate)
4. What is your preferred time slot for teaching
5. How would you like us to contact you?

OR You can use the form below to contact us

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