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How Gen-Y tuition can help your child?

The importance of tuition in 2013

Tuition lessons and supplementary lessons have become more of a necessity rather than a supplement to the curriculum of your child. Parents spend more and more on tuition and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Why is that that parents are so obsessed with finding a good tuition centre for their child? Should you also follow the crowd? Here are some benefits of tuition lessons that have caused the craze.

Learn everything beforehand

Tuition lessons can begin as early as Primary 1, with some parents urging their kids to enrol in a tuition class even before they enter primary school. Often, the lessons in tuition classes are more focused on key areas of the syllabus and what might come out for exams, as a result, tuition teachers tend to cover the syllabus a lot quicker than school teachers. At our tuition center, we strive to cover the syllabus 3 months before the school. We believe that 3 months is just the right time for our student to learn everything beforehand and also at learn at a comfortable pace. Despite the need to cover the syllabus on time, our tutors at gen-y do not stress our students and add on to their heavy workload.

More attention and clarification

Most tuition classes are a lot smaller than the classes in school, at Gen-Y tuition centre, we limit our classes to 4-5 students max. The additional attention is what most parents and students look for in tuition classes so a large number of students woud mean less individual attention and lower quality lessons. Studies have also shown that students are more proactive in smaller groups and tend to ask more question.

Better Teachers

If your child has ever complained to you about their teachers in school, then i would highly recommend that you fnd a good tuition centre to save your child. A child’s learning is often jeopardised by teachers who lack experience and do not put in effort to ensure that their students benefit from their lessons. Unless your child is willing to put in extra effort to study on her own at home, he/she will definitely fall behind her peers from other classes whom might have better or more experienced teachers.

More practice

Practice is the key to good results. The more time your child spends on practicing the exam questions, the closer he/she is to a perfect score. It has been proven over and over that top students are those who spend the most time on practicing past year papers. A good tuition centre will always provide exam papers or assessment books for your child to practive. At Gen-Y tuition, we have a free supply of exam papers for your child. If you feel that your child isn’t getting enough practice, you can always request us to give him/her more papers to practice on. In addition we have the most recent papers from top schools, every practive will be gone through during the tuition lessons. We belief more practice and good practice is key to an A.

Weak fundamentals and misconceptions

Not all students are on the same level of the playing field, for those whom are lagging far behind, due to weak fundamentals and inconsistent work from the beginning. For subjects such as maths and science, consistency is critical, if your fundamentals are weak, you will have a very hard time trying to understand the subsequent topic. For upper primary or upper secondary students whom have neglected their work during their junior years, tuition lessons will help them recap all their previous chapters. Our tutors at Gen-Y cannot guarantee an A for a student with weak fundamental but we have seen substantial improvement in the results of those students at our tuition in tampines after they begin to understand their work and practice hard.

Major examinations

Our tuition centre will always observe a surge in the sign up rate for our tuition classes after mid-year exams as students begin to worry for their O levels/PSLE/End-of-year exams after receiving their results. Last minute preparation may not be the most effective but is still better than no work at all. Hence if your child is facing a major examination but his/her results are still not on par with her peers, you may want to consider the intensive holiday preparation program at Gen-y tuition centre for your child.