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How Does Tuition Help Your Child?

Benefits of joining a tuition centre in tampines

There are an increasing number of parents signing their child up for tuition centres and one-to-one tuition lessons in their home. Even parents who do not understand the benefits of tuition and those whose child does not require tuition is anxious at enrolling their child into at least one tuition class. For those living in more crowded areas such as tampines, the competition among tuition centres is high as more parents are considering tuition centres over one to one tuition. It is useful to understand the benefits of tuition lessons for your child to help you measure the effectiveness of tuition centres at helping your child.

Reinforce study concepts

Your child pick up many new concepts and a plenitude of knowledge on different subjects. In the lessons in school, a student picks up only about 60 to 80% of what is taught by their teachers and retains on 40% of what is absorbed. For harder concepts, the percentage is even lower. Of course there are several ways to increase te amount of information that is assimilated such as paying more attention in class and taking notes etc.. Nonetheless, many students prefer to go for extra lessons after school and tuition classes in tuition centres in tampines.

Although the content that is being taught in tuition classes might be similar to school lessons, the repetition of the information helps students absorb more of the content and become more familiar with the concepts.

Learn exam techniques

The better tuition classes has tuition teachers who emphasises on specific points in the syllabus and focus on areas that are more likely to come out for exam unlike school teachers who has to teach everything in the syllabus including content which rarely appear in examinations. There are tuition teachers who help their students boost their exam grades by teaching them exam techniques including tips on answering exam questions. Many of those techniques are not taught in school hence only students who attend tuition classes have the privilege of mastering those skills.

Besides exam techniques, study techniques are also taught by some tuition teachers in order to help students increase the efficiency in studying. Skills such as making notes and doing corrections are explored are can help the student in the long run.

Additional study resource

Many tuition centres in Singapore, tampines have their own study resource including assessment books and past year exam papers in singapore. By joining a good tuition centre, you will have access to all the study resource in the tuition centre thereby saving you the time to acquire them yourself. Free exam papers in singapore are readily available in most tuition centres and many tuition teachers give them to students for practice hence giving the student an extra edge in the final examinations.

Best tuition in Tampines

Gen-Y tuition centre is an MOE-registered tuition centre located at tampines st 21 blk 201b. Having produced excellent testimonials frm both parents and students, Gen-Y tuition centre is reknown for its dedicated teachers and ample study resource in order to relieve the burdern of revision off our students. We teach our students exam and study techniques to help them ace thir examinations with ease.