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Branch 1: 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067
Branch 2: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07
Branch 3: 684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979
Tel: 62354886 / 67869818 / 98008926

Finding A Good Tuition in Tampines

How to Find a Good Tuition Centre in Singapore

Finding a good tuition teacher or tuition centre in Singapore is not easy, let alone finding a good tuition centre in tampines. Many good tuition teachers charge exorbitant prices for tuition fees which many families cannot afford. If you have decided to invest your time and money in tuition, the quality of the tuition provided should not be compromised. There a few ways to help you find a good tuition centre in tampines to help you improve your grades.

Word of mouth

Many of your classmates and friends around you probably already have tuition classes, some have one-to-one home tuition whereas others group tuition in local tuition centres in Singapore. As a result, you can ask them for good tuition recommendations which matches your needs. Most good tuition in tampines have good reputation and through the gathering of opinions of various tuition in tampines, you can have a rough idea which tuition centre is the best one for you.

Look online

The internet is a good source for students looking for tuition all over singapore. If you stay in singapore, you can try searching for “tuition centre in Tampines” or “tuition in Tampines”. Alternatively, you can look in online tuition directories which contains lists of all tuition centres in tampines and reviews about the tuition in tampines by existing students. The downside when it comes to online directories is that some of the information is outdated and some patience is required before the right tuition in tampines is found.

Call the tuition centre

If you want more information regarding tuition centre, including their teaching formula, tuition fees and timings for the lessons, it is advised that you make a call to the centre and request to speak to the subject tutor available. If you’re keen to enrol in some holiday or special programs you can ask if the centre has any to offer. In addition, some tuition centres provide a discount for more than 1 subjects enrolled and further discount for referring friends to join the tuition centre. If there’s a trial lesson available, it is a good opportunity for you to personallu experience how the lessons are like before making the decision to join the tuition centre in Tampines.

Our tuition centre in tampines

Our tuition centre located at tampines st 21 blk 201b offers quality tuition lessons for all levels starting from primary 1 to primary 6, secondary 1 to secondary for and JC 1 and 2. Subjects include maths, english, chinese, science (biology, chemistry, physics tuition lessons for all the levels. Since its inception, Gen-Y tuition centre has recevied excellent reviews and recommendations from parents and students, if you are interested in finding out more about our lessons you can contact us or contact 98008926 (Mdm Zhu)