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Does your child need Chinese Tuition?

The importance of Chinese Tuition in Singapore

There are many parents worried about the chinese results of their child, many of them find the chinese language a burden. If you are one of them, there might be a few reasons for your stance, you might not feel that chinese is an important language or that it is impossible to master.

Despite your reasons, In order for you/your child to perform well in chinese, the interest in this subject must be nurtured, the hatred for the subject produces a negative attitude and affects the child’s learning and must be removed.

However, most chinese lessons in tuition classes fail to spark the interest in the child instead, they deepen the sense of hatred of chinese in the child which is why many students do not see an improvement in their results even after signing up for chinese tuition. Hence is chinese tuition really necessary for singaporeans? why is it that more and more students are signing up for chinese language tuition?

The weightage for chinese language is the same as the other subjects, there are even privileges for those taking the chinese language. MOE has came out with 5 different streams for secondary student taking O levels Chinese. There are Elementary Chinese, Chinese B, Normal Academic Chinese, Express Chinese and Higher Level Chinese, with increasing difficulty level.

For those taking higher chinese, they would be given bonus points for their O levels if they attain a passing grade. The bonus points would then enable the child to get into the top Junior colleges in Singapore. Hence, those who are fundamentally strong in chinese have a substantial advantage over their peers.

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What about those who are weak in chinese? Those who are weak can seek additional help through their teachers or through tuition lessons. The preparation for chinese examinations should start as early as primary school as that is when a child gets to choose whether or not he/she wants to take higher chinese. That decision alone can have a great impact on the child’s future as there is no way for someone taking express chinese to change to higher chinese when they enter secondary school, except for a few rare cases.

The decision of taking higher chinese is also subected to certain criteria. For example, if a child has been failing higher chinese since primary 1 then you should probably give up on trying to opt for higher chinese.

Of course you can choose not to take chinese at all, there are many cases of students dropping the subject after repeatedly failing in it. However, you/your child could be severely disadvantaged, for example, you have to work additionally hard on your other subjects for your O levels in order to secure an A, you might also lose out to others when it comes to interviews and scholarship applications.

As a result, many parents force their child to take up chinese tuition since young and many of them has decided to enter their child into higher chinese as early as primary 1. For those who have already chosen their stream, chinese tuition is still indispensable since they could be dropped out of their stream if they perform badly for that particular subject, This is especially true for those taking express and higher chinese. Many schools refrain their students from taking higher chinese in O levels if they fail higher chinese during their prelims.

Thus, chinese tuition lessons serves as a protection for the students to help them to attain at least a passing grade for their chinese exams in order for them to not get kicked out of their stream as that often means a change of classes.
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There are also students who take up chinese tuition so that they can have more time to study for other subjects. For these students, the chinese tuition would be heavily focused on examinations and practice, they might be given tons of model essays and past year papers for them to practice and lists of proverbs and phrases for them to memorise.

There are a host of advantage surrounding this type of chinese tuition lessons but the main concern is that it will make the student weary and deepen their dislike for chinese. Those students are heavily armed with model essays and good phrases which they have memorised for the exam but as soon as they are done with the exam, they might never touch chinese at all.

At Gen-Y tuition at tampines, we try to strike a balance between exam results and interest in chinese. We believe both are important. Without the interest in chinese, we find that many students cannot study for the subject consistently and often give up studying on their own outside of the tuition lesson.

We hope to cultivate the interest through teaching the proverbs and phrases meaningfully and explain essays and text in an interesting manner instead of forcing our students to memorise these phrases. Our chinse tutors at Gen-Y will share interesting chinese articles occasionally during lessons so that students would find some time on their own to read or watch chinese news.

Our formula of balancing interest and results has been working well for many students. In addition, our experienced and knowledgeable chinese tutors will guarantee the results of your child. To sign up for a trial chinese tuition lesson at our tuition in tampines, you can visit this link

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