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Choosing a Good Tuition in Tampines

How to Choose a Good Tuition in Tampines

Are you searching for a good tuition centre in singapore? There are many approved tuition Agency in Singapore. Do you know which one is good? How is the learning environment? Are the tutors there patience enough to help my children? Well, I believe these are the questions that most parents will ask when looking for a tuition centre in Singapore.

Below, we are going to look at a few points of what make good tuition centres!

1) Do the tutors always ask for any feedback?
Good tutors from reputable tuition centres in singapore will consistently encourage their students to provide their feedback. Tutor who asks for feedback are likely to be more responsible and more willing to provide assistance to the students. Besides, it is very difficult for students to learn by themselves. If the tutor is able to help the student to find the problems easily, they can solve the problems faster and able to proceed on to the next level.

2) What is the qualification of the tutor?
Parents must first be very comfortable with the tutor who they handed their child to learn from. This is extremely important as the final grade of your children will be greatly dependable by the tutor-in-charge. Most of the tutor / teacher in Singapore should hold at least a graduate certificate of Education from MOE – Ministry of Education of Singapore. It is important as teachers with the correct certificate are well trained to handle students in their study.

3) Is there any tuition centres nearby to your house?
Yes! If your child can save on the travelling time going to the tuition centre in singapore, he/she can greatly use the precious time to do revision for his/her homework. Thus, it is a good advice to find tuition centres where they are located within your living surrounding. – Probably 5-10mins walking distance to your house.

4) Does those tuition centres help to revise on the exam papers?
Inorder to help your child gain more confidence on handling the coming ‘O’-levels, ‘A’-levels examinations, do ask the tutors how they offer to help the students prepare for it! In fact, students who have done well in their studies are those who are very familiar with the exam syllabus. They must be confident enough to complete each exam paper on time and with the most correct answers.

5) Is the environment of the tuition centre conducive for learning?
For effective and focused learning, it is important for the tuition centre to provide a quiet and comfortable classroom for your child. Bad classrooms are those which do not have proper ventilation, good lighting conditions and lousy sitting arrangements. It is recommended that you visit the tuition centre at least once before signing your child up for the first lesson.