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 Are you facing these challenges?

  • Is your child aiming for a distinction in the Chinese Language Examination?
  • Does your child come from an English speaking background?
  • Does your child lack interest in Chinese Language?
  • Is your child aiming for a scholarship?
  • Is your child currently having Chinese tuition but does not seem to be making progress?
  • Is your child having difficulty catching up with his classmates in school?
  • Can your child’s confidence and interest be raised?
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Cloze Passage
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P1-6, Sec 1-4 Chinese Tuition in Tampines

Chinese Tuition Programme of Gen-Y Tuition Centre are for students who require a slower pace of learning so as to improve their foundation gradually. The Chinese tuition programme following closely to the school textbook curriculum, this tuition programme aims to solve immediate problems encountered in learning the Chinese language and hence build up the students’ confidence in preparing for their examinations.

  • Chinese tuition programme following the school textbook curriculum, this course helps students in solving immediate difficulties encountered during school lessons.
  • Chinese tuition programme overall help in handling school tests and examinations.
  • Our Chinese tuition programme are recommended for students who need additional help in Chinese.
  • Chinese tuition programme is conducted with no more than 10 students per class for better focus.

How we will make you love Chinese language?

We have the best and most experience Chinese tuition teachers at Gen-Y tuition centre who are either current MOE school teacher, Ex-school teacher, NIE trainee, or who are majoring in Chinese Language at university. They are very Professional and Passionate to teach and help the student to EXCEL in the Chinese Language!

Our Top Chinese Tutor

Mdm Zhu is an ex-MOE Chinese Teacher with over 16 years of experience & over 500 students. During her career as a MOE teacher, she helped her students to win the national chinese writing competition & poem competition multiple times She graduated with a masters degree in China & was once a tv editor. She came to S’pore 16 years ago & started teaching chinese to primary & secondary school students to prepare them for their PSLE & O level exam


Ms Zhu is a great teacher. She taught our class Chinese when I was in sec 1. I always looked forward to her chinese classes because she made lessons so interesting and fun especially since she was funny. She also made learning new vocabulary so much easier. Even though she was fun, she always knew when our class was getting too excited and noisy. She knew exactly when to keep the class quiet and attentive and when our class could be permitted to be noisy. This was something that I always admired about her as I know other teachers lack at this skill. Ms Peh is a very good teacher and she made me love the Chinese language.  –– Ex-student,  Lim Jia Hao.

“Ms Esther Peh is patient and caring. When we do not understand a question, she would not be annoyed even if we ask her a hundred times! Her Chinese Tuition lessons are always interesting and lively. She would even tell jokes that are related to her lessons, and every one of us just enjoys her teaching. She really is a very good teacher. ”  –– An Ex-secondary 3 Student

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For Effective, Focused One-to-one tuition lessons at your home by our Top Chinese tutor, call 98008926 (Mdm Zhu).Click here.

We’ve groomed Top Achievers & Top Scholars during our years of teaching. We’re committed to provide the Finest Study Syllabus to the students attending to our learning courses. Every lesson is carefully crafted according to each students needs, in preparation for their exams. Our lessons are Unique and Focus specifically to improve on the Academic Performance of the Students.

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Who is suited for this tuition?

1) Sec 4 Express students: They should ideally pass their Sec 3 end-of-year or SA2 exam. The intensive lessons are aimed to impart techniques to help them cope with the language. The techniques include Oral, Comprehension, composition and cloze passage.  These will at least help them attain a one-grade or two-grade improvement in May this year. The best is that if they scored a C6 last year, then they could aim towards a B3, if they were to score a B3 last year, the A1 should be targeted. All these goals will be towards the Nov paper.

4) P5 students: Even when faced with the problem of a weak foundation, if you have seen the testimonials of my previous foreign students, you will be surprised that they can make tremendous improvement! If a foreign student who did not grow up learning Chinese can do it, what more can normal students like your child do? It all boils down to effort and time. If the student is willing to give it their very best, I as a tutor will commit to all means to raise his/her marks up. But of course Chinese being a language subject, we have to be realistic that vast improvement cannot be done overnight.

2) PSLE students: They should at least had a B for their SA2 last year in order for me to safely say I could help them to achieve at least an A/High A. Last year I was more focused on helping those v weaker students who frequently fail in their normal exams or had an extremely weak language foundation (couldn’t speak proper mandarin). I thus could only help them with a one-grade improvement. Thus this year I hope that at least a handful of my students can begin with a moderately strong foundation.

3) Sec1-3 students: Even if they fail their normal examinations, the situation is not as bleak as those mentioned above. They should have at least 1 year or 1 year plus to beef up their standard. Usually the common problems faced by students in passing Chinese include a limited word bank (not that they didn’t learn enough words but more of retaining them in memory), inability to read or write or to recognise the meaning of the words. Thus when this repeats itself, the students get demoralised after numerous failed attempts and want to give up. The root cause could be due to PSLE Chinese being an exam that emphasises too much on  memorising, rote listening and writing (Picture composition) without being taught practical methods. Rote learning would only result in “rote forgetting”. Failing in composition, comprehension and cloze passage are the results of this. Therefore, techniques are more sustainable in that sense. Through learning simple “news” vocabulary, constructing sentences, writing short paragraphs and with the aid of multimedia and devices like e-dictionary, they will be able to make improvements. With visible improvements, their interest will slowly pick up. This will progress to the student setting goals for his or her O level Chinese in the long-run. With such motivation, he or she definitely has a high chance to succeed. Pls click my previous posts on students’ testimonials for examples.

P6 Intensive Tuition

  • Highlight P6 syllabus & Exam techniques
  • Lessons on guidebooks (emphasis on important vocabulary words)
  • Teaching of composition through model essays and constant practice
  • Oral Techniques through consistent practice

Objective of Holiday Intensive Program: To create an awareness of the rigorous P6 syllabus to prepare for PSLE. This will cause the students to be more alert when school reopen. Starting early in preparation will mean allowing students to set their individual targets for Chinese. After the whole program, each student will be briefed on their present linguistic level of Chinese and how far are they from the targets.