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Best Tuition in Tampines,Singapore for Primary, Secondary, JC -- Gen-Y
No. 1 Tuition Centre in Tampines, Singapore
Branch 1: 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067
Branch 2: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07
Branch 3: 684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979
Tel: 62354886 / 67869818 / 98008926
    • Effective Lessons, Experienced Teachers, Comprehensive Notes
    • More than 10 years in operation, More than 500 students!
    • 90% improvement rate in Exam Results, FREE trial lesson!


    • Tons of study resource designed for quick review & easy revision
    • Notes are concise, exam-oriented, full of useful tips & advice
    • Soft-copy of mindmaps and software can be downloaded online


About Us

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Our Formula

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Welcome to Gen-Y

Gen-Y Tuition Centre provides the Best Tuition in Tampines, Singapore, with over 10 years of experience and tons of excellent testimonials. we aim to provide a one-stop solution for your academic problems, whether you are outstanding, average or below average.

We provide the best tuition in tampines, Singapore (Primary,Secondary,JC tuition). We provide: effective lessons at our centre, Useful notes for easy revision, Exam papers for ample practice and Study softwares and skills. We assure you that our proven teaching method and education formula will guarantee you get your As. Visit us Today at Tampines!

 Our Mission

  • To become the best tuition centre in Singapore
  • Provide Quality Tuition at the most affordable price possible
  • Equip every student with the necessary skills to excel in their studies
  • Kindle the desire, in our students, for more knowledge
  • Reduce the burden of exams on parents & students

Our Unique Teaching Formula

We believe in the saying “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”, that’s why we constantly strive to kindle the passion for more knowledge in our students. Our teaching formula is unique because we try our best to challenge our students to study harder and perform better by giving them extra hard questions. By challenging them with all the difficult questions, our students will have no problems tackling the exam questions, that is why 90% of our students see an improvement in their results in 1 term & over 80% of students will recommend their friends to join…Read More

tuition in tampines

Study NotesExperienced TeachersExam PracticeTools

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  • Tons of study resource including notes, guide books and powerpoint slides.
  • Notes are comprehensive & covers all topics.
  • Notes are carefully prepared so that they are concise and exam-oriented.

  • Our team of teachers are experienced and knowledgeable degree-holders.
  • Lessons are fun, engaging and effective.
  • Using presentations and mindmaps, our teachers will clarify your doubts & misconceptions

  • We recognise the need for practice for students preparing for exams.
  • Rich collection of exam & prelim papers from top schools collected over the years.
  • Papers will be given occasionally before exams.

  • Schools all over Singapore have begun using Mindmaps to maximise learning,
  • hence, we provide free mindmapping software for students to create and view mindmaps.
  • We have mind maps for every topic, available for download here

Why choose us?

  • Tons of study resource
  • Experienced & dedicated teachers
  • Ample practice for exams
  • Conducive environment for study
  • Advanced software facilitate learning
  • Affordable price

My Math results improved tremendously thanks to Gen-Y Education centre, the teachers were friendly and helpful. he helped me understand all the difficult math concepts and helped me solve math problems with ease.

– Damien Lim Sec 4, Pasir Ris Secondary School

My English tuition teacher at Gen-Y likes to throw me difficult questions that are beyond my comfort level, but it challenged me to study harder, as a result, my grades improved very quickly

– Kenneth Seah Sec 2, Ngee Ann Secondary School

I joined the tuition because i was forced by my parents as my results were horrible, but in the end, I like the teachers and the classrooms so i didnt quit. I really believe Gen-Y tuition centre is the best tuition in tampines, singapore

– Elizabeth Koh Pri 6, Chong Zheng Primary School

Our Top Chinese Tutor

Mdm Zhu is an ex-MOE Chinese Teacher with over 16 years of experience & over 500 students. During her career as a MOE teacher, she helped her students to win the national chinese writing competition & poem competition multiple times She graduated with a masters degree in China & was once a tv editor. She came to S’pore 16 years ago & started teaching chinese to primary & secondary school students to prepare them for their PSLE & O level exam.  Chinese tuition in Tampines.


Our Top English Tutor

Mrs Sammy Lim is an ex-MOE English Tutor with over 10 years of experience giving Primary and lower secondary school students English tuition.  She graduated with a masters degree in international business & had been teaching at our tuition centre in tampines for 5 years. Under her kind and patient guidance, many of our students at Gen-Y had tremendous improvement in their results.

She is an experienced and dedicated english tutor who is always keen to make her students passionate about the English language. Many of her students has given her excellent reviews and testimonials because of her dedication as an english tutor.

“English is an extremely easy subject to score in because we use it everyday, if the student is willing to put in effort to speak & listen to good English, aceing their examinations wouldn’t be a problem at all. My job as an English tuition teacher is to make my students love English and learn proper English” — Mrs Lim

Top Primary School & Lower Sec Math Tutor

Mr Kenny Tan had been a full-time tutor since 2000 and started teaching primary school and lower secondary mathematics at Gen-Y since 2006. He has since taught over 400-450 students and producing many distinctions. After completing his Bachelor and Honours programme in Economics and Statistics, he graduated with the Master of Social Science (Economics) degree from the National University of Singapore in 1991. He went on to work as an MOE teacher for 4 years before leaving his job.

Mr Tan is well-known for his flexibility and creativity at solving math problems and he always encourages his students to look at the problem from different angles in order to find the fastest method to find the solution.  Math Tuition

Top A Maths Tutor in Tampines

Mrs Quah Swee Leng is a young passionate A maths tutor since 2007. She graduated in 2005 from NUS with a Masters degree holder in Applied Mathematics. She is very adept at the A math topics in the current syllabus as her love for mathematics begin since she was in secondary school

Mrs Quah has received numerous compliments from parents and students regarding her excellent work teaching and patience towards her students. Her lessons are very focused and well planned, every minute is well used in order to maximise the efficiency of her lessons. Her source of motivation is her student’s results.  A math tuition in tampines

Top E Maths Tutor in Tampines

e maths tuition in tampinesMr Damien Lam  has been teaching E maths tuition for secondary school students since 1999. His graduated in 1995 and started tutoring as part-time job, since then, he has fallen in love with his occupation as a tuition teacher. His experience in teaching students has helped him to identify the weak areas of his new students and the correct method to coach them.

He claims to be strict at times but he justifies it with the concern of students committing similar mistakes over and over. He is very particular about the precision and accuracy of the answers of his students and has low tolerance when it comes to careless mistakes. He always encourages his students to aim for full marks and check their work very carefully, especially during exams. E math tuition in tampines


Why Are We The Best Tuition in Tampines?

Do you need English/A/E. Math/Chem/Physics/Science/POA/Chinese/Econs tuition in Tampines? We are here for you! With over 10 years in operation, we know what works and what doesn’t. Through careful analysis of past student results, we collaborate with our teachers to experiment with different teaching methods to find out which is the best. As a results, we have a consistent track record with over 95% of students having an improvement in their results within 1 term.

The second reason that makes us the best tuition centre in tampines, singapore is that we have a unique teaching formula that is different from government schools and most other tuition centres. Instead of spamming the students with content, we stimulate the thinking process so that our students become independent and capable learners.

The third reason why we are the best tuition centre in tampines is that we provide adequate study resources and exam practice to prepare our students for PSLE, O Levels and A Levels.  Past year exam papers + model answers are readily freely available for our students….Read More

Contact Us

Branch 1: 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067
Branch 2: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07
Branch 3: 684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979

Main branch: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067
Directions: From Tampines Bus Interchange, take bus 291 (blue), alight at the 4th stop, cross the road
Contact number: 98008926 (sms), 67869818 (office hours), 62354886 (office hours)
Google+: Our Profile

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We Teach You How To Be Exam Smart

We Teach You How To Be “Exam Smart”

Do you wonder why your friends get better grades than you in class even though he may not be smarter than you? Have you heard of the phrase “Exam smart”? At Gen-Y tuition, we train you to become “exam smart”. Forget about the long hours of study and countless nights sacrificed to making notes and mugging the textbook, we will use your proven formulan in our tuition in Tampines to help you get ahead of your peers.

While it is true that hard work guarantees success no matter where you are, hard work is not the be all and end all of academic excellence, to score astounding grades in exams you need to study smart and study right. You are probably not new to the education system in singapore, in examinations only 10% of what is in your syllabus will be tested however, most people spend a large amount of time studying the content that is not relevant and less examinable. The key to becoming “exam smart” is to study the key points and practice the key points.

To be able to anticipate what will appear in your exams, you will either need to practive tons of past year exam papers to spot the “patterns” or you need to have years of experience studying the syllabus. At Gen-Y tuition center, our tutors have accumulated years of experience and knowledge to help you “spot” the important topics and key areas that have a higher probability of appearing in examinations.

If you have had the experience of forgetting key pieces of information or formulas during exam, our tutors will also impart to you the techniques to memorising the info. In addition, we will also hone your skills at interpreting difficult questions for subjects such as physics, A Math and E Math. For languages such as English and Chinese, our tutors will give you extra practice for you to be proficient in tackling all sorts of questions. For content-heavy subjects like chemistry, biology and social studies, our tutors will guide yous step-by step in understanding the content and familiarising yourself with the favourite questions examiners like to set for the exams.

Last but not least, we believe that time will be your most precious resource, whether you’re in Primary 1 or Sec 1 or JC 1, time will fly and beofre you realise, you’re already sitting for the national exams. You know what I’m talking about, it is critical for you to be farsighted in today’s society so we do not only prepare you for the common tests, we have the final exams in mind. As a result, our tutors are specially instructed to cover the syllabus before your school does. We believe that by doing so, you would be more familiar with the syllabus and have a headstart before your peers. Moreover, you will find that the syllabus will be covered sooner at our center which means you will have more time to practice for the exams.

Practice makes perfect. if you want the perfect score on your result slip, you have to practice more than your friends do. At Gen-Y tuition center, we provide you with ample resources to practice. We have free exam papers available to you for free. If you want more practive, just ask, we will be more than willing to help you in achieving your goals because that’s part of our mission statement. And That’s why are provide the best tuition in tampines

The importance of tuition in Tampines

Tuition lessons and supplementary lessons have become more of a necessity rather than a supplement to the curriculum of your child. Parents spend more and more on tuition and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Why is that that parents are so obsessed with finding a good tuition centre for their child? Should you also follow the crowd? Here are some benefits of tuition lessons that have caused the craze.

Learn everything beforehand

Tuition lessons can begin as early as Primary 1, with some parents urging their kids to enrol in a tuition class even before they enter primary school. Often, the lessons in tuition classes are more focused on key areas of the syllabus and what might come out for exams, as a result, tuition teachers tend to cover the syllabus a lot quicker than school teachers. At our tuition center, we strive to cover the syllabus 3 months before the school. We believe that 3 months is just the right time for our student to learn everything beforehand and also at learn at a comfortable pace. Despite the need to cover the syllabus on time, our tutors at gen-y do not stress our students and add on to their heavy workload.

More attention and clarification

Most tuition classes are a lot smaller than the classes in school, at Gen-Y tuition centre, we limit our classes to 4-5 students max. The additional attention is what most parents and students look for in tuition classes so a large number of students woud mean less individual attention and lower quality lessons. Studies have also shown that students are more proactive in smaller groups and tend to ask more question.

Better Teachers

If your child has ever complained to you about their teachers in school, then i would highly recommend that you fnd a good tuition centre to save your child. A child’s learning is often jeopardised by teachers who lack experience and do not put in effort to ensure that their students benefit from their lessons. Unless your child is willing to put in extra effort to study on her own at home, he/she will definitely fall behind her peers from other classes whom might have better or more experienced teachers.

More practice

Practice is the key to good results. The more time your child spends on practicing the exam questions, the closer he/she is to a perfect score. It has been proven over and over that top students are those who spend the most time on practicing past year papers. A good tuition centre will always provide exam papers or assessment books for your child to practive. At Gen-Y tuition, we have a free supply of exam papers for your child. If you feel that your child isn’t getting enough practice, you can always request us to give him/her more papers to practice on. In addition we have the most recent papers from top schools, every practive will be gone through during the tuition lessons. We belief more practice and good practice is the key to an A.

Weak fundamentals and misconceptions

Not all students are on the same level of the playing field, for those whom are lagging far behind, due to weak fundamentals and inconsistent work from the beginning. For subjects such as maths and science, consistency is critical, if your fundamentals are weak, you will have a very hard time trying to understand the subsequent topic. For upper primary or upper secondary students whom have neglected their work during their junior years, tuition lessons will help them recap all their previous chapters. Our tutors at Gen-Y cannot guarantee an A for a student with weak fundamental but we have seen substantial improvement in the results of those students at our tuition in tampines after they begin to understand their work and practice hard.

Major examinations

Our tuition centre will always observe a surge in the sign up rate for our tuition classes after mid-year exams as students begin to worry for their O levels/PSLE/End-of-year exams after receiving their results. Last minute preparation may not be the most effective but is still better than no work at all. Hence if your child is facing a major examination but his/her results are still not on par with her peers, you may want to consider the intensive holiday preparation program at Gen-y tuition centre for your child.